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Soul Grateful Offerings

Soul Grateful
Ashley Holly's Soul Grateful LLC was formed with the goal of Enhancing wellness and vitality through nutritional counseling, meditation, and yoga. Now residing within Balance on Buffalo, Soul Grateful is offering private and group nutrition counseling, meditation, and yoga to help you meet your health goals.

Private Nutritional Counseling
Ashley has had over 5 years experience working at a Registered Dietitian helping others manage chronic conditions, practice cancer prevention/management, and lose weight. ​Whatever your nutrition or food-related questions or goals, Ashley can help. She will provide a personalized food and nutrition experience to help you achieve your health goals.

Meditation is for everyone. Soul Grateful offers individual or group Primordial Sound Mediation trainings, Introduction to Meditation workshops, and community meditation sessions.

Visit www.soulgrateful.net to learn more and book an appointment.